Orphic Finance

Decentralized Project Ecosystem on Solana

Mission of the project

Create an ecosystem of decentralized applications to enable:

Validating and listing new tokens, liquid staking, buying, selling and yield farming.

cosmiceggs.app archeio.app protogonos.app orphicfinance.app

OFIN Governance Token

Currently the team is finalizing the Tokenomics for our governance token (OFIN). There will be no pre-sale, no additional outside funding will be received. The community will receive the same deal that the best VCs get. We plan to hold a token sale in 2022 - originally this was in 2021, but we have since chosen to delay. Additionally and going forward the OFIN Token will be distributed to users of our applications (Cosmic Eggs, Archeio, Protogonos and Orphic Finance) and usable as collateral for both the Orphic Lending and Archeio in the Orphic ecosystem
Cosmic eggs allows users to stake their SOL (currently in increments of 10, this number was chosen to make it more inclusive) and receive a token that is tied to their stake. This token can then be sold, used as collateral or redeemed (egg token is burnt). The project was born out of the Solana / Serum hackathon and is currently in Open Beta. We will also in the near future support minting of eggs via OFIN token. We are approaching Mainnet as our hardware is being tested.
Archeio allows users to create token records with a variety of different (customizable) attributes. Archeio will additionally allow users to specify pathing for pricing verifications. Users must provide collateral in the form of the OFIN token to keep their registry entry active.

Protogonos Marketplace

Protogonos is a generic marketplace that allows users to buy and sell tokens. The marketplace supports direct and auction based sales. It has an escrow layer to support it's auction based system. Protogonos integrates with Archeio to provide token details.

Orphic Finance

Allows users to provide collateral to borrow a variety of different assets. Interest rates for both borrowers and lenders will be determined algorithmically and adjusted based on supply and demand. Also enables orchestrating with various other protocols.


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