Token Registry

Mission of the project

Create a token registry where use can list tokens, expose an API for programs and other projects to look up tokens.

Why we need it?

Orphic Finance needs to validate the price of Cosmic Eggs and many other things.

In order to deter mis-use, we will require users who want to create an entry into Archeio to post collateral. SOL, Cosmic Eggs and OFIN tokens can all be added as collateral for entries.

Standard pricing retrieval paths will be exposed for users, and custom paths will be evaluated and added going forward (much like an Oracle).

Archeio Metadata

Archeio allows users to color their Token registry data with metadata, Archeio provides a baseline set of metadata to be used, but also allows users to add their own (they will be voted in for baseline based on popularity).

  • Name - Token name

  • Ticker - Token ticker symbol (most likely will have some guidance on defined length)

  • Icon - an image file that is used to represent the token

  • Normalized Version - if name or ticker are not unique provides a unique identifier

  • Mint Address - the address of the mint for the token

  • Mint State - the state on the mint (active, inactive, frozen)

  • Circulating supply - is a calculable value which will poll the mint address

  • Value Method - this will either be epoch based or dynamic; in the situation of dynamic multiple pipelines are preferable and the team will build these to cover DeFi and CeFi options and provide weights and discount data that is standard deviations from the mean

  • Historical Information - both circulating supply and total value or account value

  • Mint Authority - this will double as the editor of the metadata as the same entity who can mint tokens should be the same entity who can modify the token registry entry

  • Collateral Posted - the amount and current value of the collateral posted, when the record is set to be deleted this is the amount that will be returned to the account of origination.

  • Account Originator - address that posted the collateral to keep the entry active

  • Project URL - the link to the project that is creating the token registry entry

  • Listed Location - the location, CeFi, DeFi and marketplace where the token can be interacted with

  • Base borrow rate - using both CeFi and DeFi a blended baseline rate at which the asset can be borrowed

  • Base lending rate - using both CeFi and DeFi a blended baseline rate at which the asset can be lent

Additional Considerations

The Orphic Finance team is considering the following additional use-cases:

  • Token Creation for users - UI driven system to create tokens on behalf of the users with all the bells and whistles expected.

  • Orchestrating Token Sales (escrow and conditional distributions) - Input driven system including soft caps, hard caps, reverse auctions or direct sales.


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