Cosmic Eggs

Semi-fungible Epoch driven Staking Derivatives

Mission of the project

Create a derivative of staking share that can be sold.

How it works?

  • Users can create a Cosmic Egg by sending in 10 SOL - the process creates a Cosmic Egg in an associated wallet (requires payment for rent exemption) for the user and adds the 10 SOL to the validator(s) run by Cosmic Eggs.

  • That egg is tied to an Epoch and each egg receives an entry in Archeio which validate the value and ultimately price.

  • The user may choose to sell the egg through the Protogonos marketplace (or anywhere else) and the program will create a new associated wallet for the buyer (requires payment for rent exemption) and a transfer will occur.

  • The user may choose to alternatively redeem (crack) the egg and the staked SOL will be undelegated and sent back to the originating account or as we wait for the Solana ecosystem to mature, redeem their egg from the Cosmic Egg UI.


  • Per our discord vote, we are branding our auto-sell ability as the Eggcinerator

  • Liquidity Providers will send SOL to the Hash Eggcinerator Liquidity Pool (we threw th Hash in so we could acronym it as H.E.L.P. what your pool egg will be screaming when it goes into the Eggcinerator)

  • Cosmic Egg Holders will pay a fee to create an associated Wallet for the Liquidity Pool and transfer Cosmic Egg to that newly created wallet and receive back SOL at a discount from the value (we are estimating about 10-20%; this can be made dynamic in future releases, but for now it will be static) - The user's associated wallet which used to contain the egg will also be closed and they will receive back their rent exemption

  • The HELP will redeem the egg - splitting the original account of the Egg type and then un-delegating the Stake. At epoch change the Reward, fee for associated account creation paid and the full value (LPs will net the discount) of egg will be transferred to the Liquidity pool.


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